Sunday, March 8, 2009

Writing in Media Studies Workshop

Hi Everyone:
Genie Brinkema, a senior grad student in MCM is running her famous writing workshop again this Spring (on Thursday March 19th at 6:00 pm)--and I highly recommend that all of you attend. Most MCM concentrators take this workshop early on in their time at Brown, and I've heard from several of them that it totally changed the way they think and write about film.

I recommend it for those of you who got an 8.5 and below in Assignment #1 AND for those who have not taken an MCM class before. The timing should not be a problem for most of you: Its a one-time only session of 90 minutes, and it takes place right after our section on Thursday March 19th.

Here are the details:
Writing in Media Studies

Thursday, March 19, 6:00-7:30 pm
J.W.Wilson, Room 203

Because film and television are so familiar to us, we are used to watching them for entertainment instead of with a critical eye, and we run the risk of writing reviews instead of the analytical pieces required for Brown courses. This class is aimed at undergraduate students in media studies classes, especially those who are new to writing about visual media. We'll start with an exercise designed to help you take the sorts of notes during a film or television screening that will be helpful when writing analytical essays. Then, we'll talk about the different writing forms with which you may be asked to work (close analysis, historical or generic studies, ideological explorations, etc.). We'll talk about working with visual artifacts and the necessary translation of visual media to written language. Finally, we'll look at some common media studies writing errors and their solutions. This interactive session will run for 90 minutes. For more information contact


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