Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Your films and artwork

Hi everyone,

Several of you in section have mentioned to me that you are aspiring filmmakers, and that you have made films in the past, or are currently working on a film project that you'd be interested in sharing with the class.

If there is interest among the others, we could schedule some time when we could get together and watch these as a group... I'd certainly love to see your stuff, film or other artwork, whether complete or in-progress, and maybe the makers would be interested in getting feedback from the rest of the group? Either way I think it would be fun to see what everyone is working on.

Do write back...I am free after our section ends on Thursdays, so if that time works for the rest of you, we could stay after section on one of the upcoming Thursdays and pool together for pizza.



  1. I do not have anything, but i would like to see what other people are doing. And i do want to get into filmmaking stuff, as i presume most people in the class do, so maybe some of us could get together and maybe talk about or organize some possible film projects to do on our own, especially since Brown doesn't really have much in the way of production?

  2. one option would be to do something more formal and involve the other section as well. this would mean there are more films to watch, since many in the other section are interested in/working in production. would also make sense in terms of sharing resources, like you're talking about, stephen...
    what do others think?